The Concept

 Artcycle is inspired from the concept of upcycle and recycle, wherein paints and brushes are used to recreate scrap into alluring pieces of artwork. Since we pick out damaged or used junk to act as our canvases which are then designed and hand painted in house, each article turns out be a unique piece of art. Each artwork is customised and tailor-made to client’s requirements and we keep them involved at every stage of the process, from designing to colours selection to finishing. Join our journey of creatively repurposing scrap and Artcycling the world with colours!

Nidhi Goel

Founder, Artcycle

Art and painting have been my interest since childhood but I would have never imagined taking them up if it were not for the lockdown. Having inclination towards emergent technology, I saw myself going forward in that field but as they say, life has its own plans for you. What started as painting bottles for gifting to a friend, turned into an everyday interest and slowly into passion. Now every piece of broken furniture or empty container intrigues the creative part in my brain and I start artcycling it into a new and useful piece of artwork!

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